Application Note

Calcium signaling with FLIPR Calcium 6 and 6-QF Assay Kits on the FlexStation 3 reader

  • Provides largest signal window of comparable calcium kits and dyes
  • Enables low signal screens, including endogenous, primary or stem cell targets
  • Masking technology significantly reduces extracellular background with proprietary one-step protocol
  • Resistance to organic ion transporters minimizes need for anion reuptake inhibitors
  • 相比其他的钙试剂和染料提供 了最大的信号窗口
  • 可对包括内源性、原代或干细胞 靶标进行弱信号筛选
  • 专利的一步法方案所使用的掩蔽 技术大大减少了细胞外背景
  • • 对有机离子转运体的抗性可使对 阴离子再摄取抑制剂的需求最小 化