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Comparison of traditional cloning methods vs. CloneSelect Single-Cell Printer f.sight using CHO cell lines commonly used for monoclonal antibody production

Novel in Vitro Assay Tools for Cardiac Toxicity and Discovery

As regulations for cell line development become increasingly more stringent, researchers will be required to perform single-cell cloning and provide evidence that a cell line is derived from a single cell (proof of clonality). Until recently, there were two main methods to prove monoclonality. In this study, we conducted six sets of experiments, cloning two CHO cell lines with animal-component-free (ACF) cell culture media and supplements, and compared the performance a CloneSelect™ f.sight single cell printer versus two other accepted cloning methods (FC and LD).

  • Provide real-time imaging of the cell dispensing process to enable instant quality control feedback
  • Ensure high probability of monoclonality with documentation of single-cell images captured from two independent instruments
  • Improve clonal outgrowth over 5x compared to limiting dilution due to highly efficient cell sorting
  • Enable the isolation of highly sensitive cell lines by increasing post-sort viability up to 15x compared to flow cytometry

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